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Lady jumping in the airHere are some extracts and testimonials given to me by just a few of the people I have helped......


Overcoming Adversity 

'I was very skeptical of hypnotherapy prior to meeting Anne but right from the outset she was very warm and welcoming and made me feel totally at ease. I was in a very low point in my life and needed to try something different as other treatments had failed. This fueled my curiosity in trying this completely different alternative. I also believed that Anne wouldn't be able to hypnotise me - how wrong I was.

Since the hypnotherapy and counselling session life has improved substantially. Whilst the issues still remain in certain instances, my ability to deal with them has really improved and I'm more rational in times of severe stress. She really has made an impact to my life and I would have no hesitation in recommending her. Thank you so much. '  Name withheld as requested.

Reducing Alcohol Consumption

Since I saw you last Tuesday. I am pleased to say it is going VERY well. I have definitely drunk less and, when I have had some wine, I can easily stop after one glass.

I am sleeping better. I have also stuck to your advice of eating breakfast, but I am sure that is helping me not to want to drink so much wine.

My main triumph was a big boozy Sunday lunch in the pub.. a group of 10 people, and I knew it would be bottle after bottle after bottle of wine. I usually end up spending £40 on food and wine when I am with them. So, I ordered a pint of cider and a pint of soda water and nursed those for nearly 2 hours while the rest of them ploughed through a ludicrous amount of white wine. I arrived home with a clear head, having only spent just over a fiver!

On Friday, I had one glass of wine and had no desire whatsoever to open another bottle. On two occasions, husband wanted to carry on boozing and I said NO 

So, it appears that sensible S***** is now more in control, and I am very happy about it.

Best wishes S***** x


I had smoked for over 17 years and tried everything you could get to stop over the years. I wouldn't like to add up the amount of money I had spent on stopping somking never mind 17 years of around 20 a day! A friend said they were going to see someone to be hypnotised to stop somking, so I thought I would wait and see how they got on before I went!.
One month later and he was still not smoking so I booked an appointment. Not sure what to expect when I got there I had my 'final, final' ciggarette half an hour before I went in. When Anne greeted me at the door she instantly put me at ease with her great smile and warm welcome, and I don't think I have ever sat on a more comfortable sofa! Anne asked me some questions and learnt more about me then got me to relax.
When the session was finished I felt very chilled and could rememeber everything that was said. Once I got home the feeling was very strange because I just didn't want a ciggarette, there were some in the house and I knew that but still didn't want any. It has now been 18 months and there are time I have to remember that I used to smoke! It was the best decision I have ever made and it has changed my life completly. I would recommed anyone to do this with Anne.

Pain relief + weight loss

I came to you after being told by my GP to loose weight owing to persistent back problems I've suffered for many years. Up until October last year I was doing at least an hours exercise a day.....I tried dieting but to no avail.....not sleeping very well as every time I move in bed more often than not I'm awake with the pain. After one session I felt a remarked improvement with the pain in my back, the pain is still there but not as severe as it was.....and this has remained to this day. My sleeping has also improved, as has my weight. You also taught me a little self hypnosis and I use this when I need to. Mr RG K***

Phobia Cure  (in Children) 

Hi Anne
J*** played in the garden this weekend while Raddish (the rabbit) ran around and she even would bend down to stroke him. The transformation is amazing! I asked Jess if she thought she should see you again and she said maybe one more session, what do you think?
John (J***'s Dad)
J*** (aged 12) was previously unable to play in the garden with her sisters due to her fear of animals.